The accessories supplied with Worldmed  nebulisers include a new concept nebulizer (SPHERA), an anatomic mouthpiece, an anatomic nosepiece and an all-purpose mask.
The SPHERA nebulizer (patented) was designed for treatment of both upper and lower respiratory airways and can be placed vertically on any flat surface without supports; this makes the equipment easier to use both during feed of the medicine and during use.
The special valve cap fitted to the nebulizer (in non-toxic elastomeric material), directs the air flow ensuring that only new air (A) enters the capsule during the suction phase, and expelled air (B) does not come into contact with the medicine still to be atomised.
The special shape of the air ducts makes sure drugs are not released even if the nebulizer accidentally tips over or overturns.
To prevent the drugs from being lost while the patient is breathing out, the SPHERA nebulizer is fitted with a small peg (C) which, if removed, opens a calibrated hole acting as pneumatic on-off switch.
All accessories which may come into contact with the human body comply with EN 30993-1 standard (bio-compatibility of medical devices).



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