Jet neb

JETNEB® is an excellent product designed and developed specifically for therapy by aerosol (patented); made with quality thermoplastic materials and with an innovative, pleasant design, guaranteeing strenght, safety and easy operation.
JETNEB® is fitted with a pneumatic electro-compressor with piston (totally maintenance free) and 2 filters, one outer (which can be replaced) to filter the suction air, and one inside the equipment (which cannot be replaced) preventing any wear particles from entering the air pathway. The high level of safety is guaranteed by new design features including:
• the special location of the bipolar switch at the rear of the equipment, preventing the potentially dangerous contact between liquids (medicines) and electrical components near the nebulizer;
• the power cable can be removed (as in personal computers) and stored in a specially designed compartment under the machine preventing coiling and short circuits.

JETNEB® is fitted at the top with a spacious compartment for all accessories (nebulizer, mouthpiece, nasal prong, mask and air hose), which is easy to clean and can be closed with a snap top. The machine was tested by Italian Trademark Quality Institute (IMQ) and is in full compliance with electrical safety standards for electrically powered medical equipment (EN 60 601-1+var) and directives of the European Union for this equipment (93/42 EEC annex V).

jet neb

The Aerosol Therapy equipment "JET NEB" is actually available in 4 different colour (above "SILVESTRO" model) and different voltages.
Custom products are available (for suitable quantity) in brand name, packaging or colours (contact Us for more informations).

Available Voltage

USA -CANADA 115V 60Hz 190VA

230V 50Hz 190VA

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